Fall Creek Trails / Sand Ridge Trails

   On Sunday a group of my close friends traveled to the Falls Creek Falls Trail in Washington.  And it turned into an all-day all-mountain adventure! 16 miles, 1000ft of climbing, 3000ft of descending and, of course,  a mid-ride splash in the creek. This photo is from the falls, a massive cliff was below us, and a view that is truly one of a kind.
 To follow-up my ride into unfamiliar territory, the next day I drove out to my backyard playground, The Sandy Ridge Trail System. In terms of this summers heat, Oregon and Washington finally caught up to the rest of the county. Hot, Dry and Dusty was the name of the game. The sun was blazing and the trails were fast. So to finish-up my ride on these amazing trails and jump in the river, can it get much better than this?