Jared’s Hood River Report

The recent Oregon Enduro Race at Hood River was, in my opinion, the best one yet. Mostly Rocky, Loose and Dusty but a little bit of everything was out there to be ridden. Big roots, big drops and big turns. Steep chutes, steep climbs and of course, fast flowy singletrack. All of my stages were raced pretty well. My bike ran great and I had no crashes or major mistakes all weekend. 
I don’t ride at Post Canyon as much as I’d like to and it showed on Saturday. In Downhill racing memorizing the track is so important. But this was an Enduro, to just pre-ride all of the stages on Friday was a challenge. To memorize every turn and each spot to brake or sprint, seemed out of the question. But I tried anyway…  My point is, racing on a trail I don’t have committed to memory is a new experience. It keeps you on your toes and forces you to go fast, into the unknown.
After the times for the four stages on Saturday were added up I was in 19th place. Looking at the results of the shorter steeper stages, where I did better,  I knew I needed to step up the intensity for the last two runs on Sunday. These stages were on trails I was more familiar with and I laid the power down and rode more aggressively. The strong tailwind at the top didn’t hurt either!
16th out of almost 40 Pros was my final result in Hood River. And as for the whole series, I’m in 24th. That’s after 15 separate races in 3 different venues.  2 more events remain, the next one in Sisters, and the finals at Mt. Hood and Sandy Ridge. I’ll be looking to keep adding up points to get into the top 15? or 20 for the overall.  And continuing to have a great time riding my bike in the woods.