Ski Bowl – Jared Hobbs Report

On August 13, myself and long time friend, Jamie Heern, went to Ski Bowl with our trail bikes. 

Situated near Mt.Hood in Oregon when I ride here, I’m always on my Downhill Bike. But I have wanted to take the Commencal Meta SX here for awhile, to see how it would handle the same terrain I’m accustomed to charging over with a DH Race rig. The trails are rough, fast and they really beat you and the bike up. Our summer has been dry and the dirt didn’t let us forget that. Deep dusty turns awaited our tires and large scattered rocks threatened our rims. I think the most noticeable difference between the two types of bikes are the wheels. I rode the same UST Tubeless Trail Tires as I would in an Enduro race, combined with the lighter rims and overall bike weight, the Meta SX just felt faster. Sprinting, changing direction and carrying speed in some of the flatter turns were areas I felt quicker.  The rough and awkward rock gardens were harder to ride at full speed, but that was kind of why I had so much fun.  We rode the chair lift for hours, eventually exploring some of the Freeride trails at the bottom. It was great to ride with Jamie and compare how we handled some of the big jumps and step ups. Or how we almost lost it a few times.

   The weather on the mountain was perfect, another amazing day in Oregon. We caught the last chair back up and had ‘another’ loose, drifty run to the bottom. We asked someone to help us out with the photo, then pedaled straight over to Ice Axe for desperately needed food. And a beer, or two…  

                     Jared Hobbs