Weekend in SLO

A quick phone call from our old friend Nate Lewis and me and Steve were off to San Luis for the Ancient Peaks DH and DS races. A few miles outside of the city on a winery it was going to be a hot and dry weekend so it was time to air up the Hutchinsons on the Skunkworx and the newly built up Commencal Supreme V3 DH. After arriving at the tracks I was pleasantly surprised by a slalom track with a few rhythm sections, flat turns, and some really high speed berms. A few practice runs and I was ready for Quali’s. I had a average run but still came out in the #1 spot just ahead of Blake Carney. I had some downtime before racing so took one run on the DH track which was a good mix of fast, steep, loose, with a couple tricky rock sections and jumps.

Finals time came about and it came down to Blake and I in the Championship round. I made a slight mistake in the soft last berm and gave Blake just enough of an advantage to take the overall. I would have to settle with 2nd for the weekend.


Sunday morning  came about after an awesome BBQ with some SLO-CAL loc’s and it was time for DH. The shuttle was long and sketchy but I was able to squeeze in 2 more practice runs which was just enough to remember all the turns on the track. No qualifying meant I was going be be a one run format which is always risky. Ride to hard and risk a crash or ride to conservative and not put down a solid time. I unfortunately followed the first of these options and went a bit to hard into one of the first steep sections and ended up rolling a few rocks under my front wheel sending me directly OTB and into a tree. I hustled back on the bike and went 2 turns further only to have the same thing happen again. I calmed down and got my head back underneath me just time time to hit the big triple jump and cleanly double in and out of the rock garden but the crashes set me back all the way to 5th place overall.  Great times with the local race crew and I hope to see this event grow into a spring and fall series when it maybe isn’t quite so HOT AND DRY! (haha) Thanks again for support while i was down there